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My name is Shane Perry and I’ve been helping hundreds of Hawaii companies get their products out to the MASSES via social media for seven years.


I had always hoped to own my very own product that I could grow and promote. One that I would cherish and hold to high standards. I tried many things such as weight loss supplements, dietary supplements, eBooks, etc.


They were all solid products and my experience in Internet Marketing helped me launch all of them with effective strategies. But still, I was not satisfied!


Maybe I was too ambitious… Maybe you could call me a little CRAZY, but whatever it was or is – I couldn’t get enough of the business.

Actually, I couldn’t get enough of ANY type of business.


Work for me means to play. It’s in my blood and I practically think, eat, sleep and dream of business strategies, business development, and pretty much anything that has to do with the word “Business” 24/7.


This is when I realized I would NEVER be satisfied with one single product. But hey, don’t feel too bad for me because this was actually one of the greatest “A-HA” moments of my life!


Once I came to this revelation, I realized where my true calling was. I wanted to start helping other people build their business!


I had found my PASSION and what I REALLY enjoyed about this idea was that I would finally be able to work with various companies and take part in their growth! I would be able to handle their marketing, get their names heard and their products sold!


And, once that job was done, I’d get to do it all over again, with new ideas, new products, and a new company!

Fast Forward 7 years!


And I now own my very own full-service digital marketing agency. I’ve helped countless businesses
get their brands seen and have sold $500k+  worth of products & services since then.


My specialty has always been driving traffic to the products and one of the most effective ways
I’ve done this is through Social Media. I truly submersed myself into all things Facebook, Twitter, and
Instagram (along with some of the smaller sites) and it’s what I’m best at.


And that is why I am writing this letter to you today.

Now that you have my back-story and realize the commitment I have towards my agency and my
methods you’ll soon realize how you can leverage an ounce of this to help get your company to the level you wish.


That is a promise I will make RIGHT NOW. Or I’ll personally refund every PENNY!

But hey, words are words and actions are actions! So here is just a small glimpse of what my clients have to say:

Now that you know I mean business, it's time you
experienced what my business entails!



While this listing is promoting a full-service digital marketing agency we realize not everyone can afford to hire us right off the bat. This is why I have decided to expand my team and take on new clients and work especially with new businesses and startups. We realize that not every company “needs” a full-service agency but can still benefit from our expertise. That is why we are releasing certain “packages” that will help your company grow in specific areas.

Here is what is available:

The Starter


Per Month


Take it up a notch and streamline all your content to your platforms! If you are tired of logging in and out of platforms to post, this service is specifically for you.

The Pro


One Time Purchase


Increase your conversions with proven ad templates. Why waste your time figuring out which ads will convert leads best? We got you covered.

The Advance


Per Month


Having unique content that drives sales is a must. We’ll create you weekly video and image graphics that drive sales without you having to lift a finger.