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We believe that marketing matters for businesses big and small

Local businesses have the greatest potential to make an impact online. Yet, they often lack the means to do so. That’s where we come in. At our Maui marketing agency, we specialize in offering proven digital marketing strategies for small to medium-sized businesses, both locally on Maui and across Hawaii and the US mainland. If you’re looking for a partner to help you grow your brand beyond your brick-and-mortar, we’re here to help.


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Certified Digital Marketing Experts That Want You to Succeed

Our Maui marketing team is composed of individuals who are certified and specialize in all things digital.
This makes us uniquely qualified to get your business results—not just reports.
Check out our 100+ 5-star reviews for proof!

These days, it’s hard to find a marketing company that’s upfront and honest with you. We provide 100% transparency, so you’re never left in the dark about what we’re doing.

In our reports, we only refer to real data that matters from trusted search engines like Google. You’ll always get information from honest sources—our numbers don’t lie!

Our office is open Monday through Friday, but we make ourselves available on weekends as well to offer support when you need it.

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Our certified team has worked with 80+ businesses across Hawaii, successfully improving their SEO rankings with hundreds of keywords to help them reach the first page of Google.

Need Help With Your Digital Marketing?

We Believe in Marketing that Matters

Our team is dedicated to your business’s success. Here’s why you should trust Shane Perry Marketing with your digital marketing needs:

We Believe In Security

It’s not easy giving up your social media logins to a company you just started working with. We get that. But at our Maui marketing agency, we always strive to keep your information confidential by using secure applications such as the AppStore Editor’s Choice, 1 Password.


We Believe in Quality Work

We work to earn your trust by providing quality marketing strategies and results time and time again. Just take a look at our 100+ 5-star reviews for proof!

We Believe in Potential

Whether you are a solopreneur or a long-standing small business, we know that you have the potential to succeed. Partner with us, and we’ll help you do just that. 

We Believe in Building Relationships

We don’t just want to help your business grow; we want to grow our relationship with you. After all, Hawaii is our home, too, so we treat local businesses as if they were family.


June 2013

Our First Client

The first business we worked with was the Grand Wailea in Maui. They reached out to us to see if we would take over a social media project and help them grow their audience. We didn’t even have a business name yet…but of course, we said yes!


July 2013

Business Evolution

As soon as our first project was complete, we started getting phone calls and emails about other marketing opportunities from local businesses on Maui. Word got out and we knew it was time for us to create a full-scale business.


January 2014

Legal Review

Shane Perry and his brother and business partner, Cyrus Perry, submitted our business name and got it legitimized by 2014. Before we knew it, we had video projects, SEO Strategies, and social media marketing campaigns lined up for multiple businesses that had seen our work.

June 2016

Company Established

By June 2016 we had built a solid marketing business and then created to separate companies, one focusing on content, Cyrus Perry Videos and another focusing on marketing that content, Shane Perry Marketing.

April 2021

Where Are We Now

We’ve helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in Hawaii achieve record-breaking success with our combined ad and SEO knowledge!

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