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A business is only as good as its website. In today's "online-driven" world, if your company doesn't have an omnipresent website, that stands out and apart from the rest, you can only expect to go so far. With more people doing SEO-Google keyword searches. And relying on local search engines, social media, and the like, you can't get far without a powerful website. This is where hiring a design team is beneficial to your company.

Internet Marketing Services We Provide -

SEO is the backbone of your company's website. People today rely on Google keyword searches as much as (if not more than) referrals. So, even though word of mouth and local reputation for quality services is key, SEO has to be on point for your website to thrive.

We provide SEO services. We will help:

Implement keywords on your site (without over-optimizing, i.e we write for people, not search engines). Choose proper keywords based on industry/niche, as well as long-tail keywords to have more people find you online. Backlinks from other sites/reputable sites, to help lead more visitors to your page organically.

We specialize in Hawaii SEO, but we offer additional services detailed below as well!

Website Design 

Websites have to look good. You can't have black text on a dark grey or black background. Also, you can't throw images anywhere on a page.

You can't interject a shopping cart on a homepage, without linking it to Paypal or other payment options.

Website design, quick loading speeds (desktop and mobile apps), uniformity, and combining pages/services, are among the web design services we provide.

If you need to give your site "a jolt of energy" or a new vibe, we are here to help.

Social Media Marketing 

If you need to send out a tweet to let people know of a new product or want to share Instagram photos of new product development when do you time these posts? How often should you "share" or "like" content on Facebook?

How do you implement paid social media ads into the mix?

These are a few of the hundreds of questions you have as it relates to social media. You likely know social media marketing is key to the mix.

We can come up with a blended marketing plan, to include this and offline tactics, to help your business get maximum exposure on social media platforms.

Marketing Consultation 

If you aren't sure which direction to take, we offer consultation services as well. We can:

Tailor off and online-marketing and create the right mix/blend for your company. Implement social media, and use different sites to post/share content. Perform analytics to let you know how your site is performing, and where the most traffic is coming from. 

Develop, or implement a current marketing plan you have, to include additional avenues and ways to share/communicate with your niche audience.

No matter which direction you want to take, or who your niche audience is, you probably know that social media marketing, search engine optimization, and the proper mix of on and offline content is key.

Let us take the guesswork out of these things for you, so you can get back to developing quality content, services, and products, to the target audience you are trying to reach as a business owner.

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