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4 Tips For A Mobile-Friendly Website | Get Your Site Mobile Optimized

4 Tips For A Mobile-Friendly Website4 Tips For A Mobile-Friendly Website

Flashback to 20 years ago – people have to go to a physical store to buy something and internet can only be used by desktop owners. Well, those were the days. The virtual world has changed considerably. People nowadays can use the internet thru their smartphones any time of the day and anywhere they may be. If you are a website owner and you don’t want your competitors to eat you alive, then start making your website more mobile-friendly.

Be 100% responsive

One thing that you have to consider first is the size of the screen. Make sure that your clients will be able to access your entire website on their mobile phones as efficiently as they do on their computers. People hate complexities and they easily get discouraged when they see something that does not meet their expectations. If you want to attract the mobile users’ attention, then make your website pleasingly effortless to them.

Here are 7 web design strategies to build trust with website visitors.

Aim for a large and legible print

Legibility is one of the key points that Google considers checking in a website’s mobile friendliness. Mobile users pull in visitors with how responsive your mobile site is, but legible fonts are what keeps them from not leaving the site. Make sure your font is easily read and no longer requires pinching or zooming in. And the most important thing is to avoid unnecessary texts. Since smartphones have smaller screen compared to desktops, write only what is necessary.

Know your users

Due to the fast pace of life that people leads nowadays, their patience tends to shorten over time. They easily lose interest in platforms who try to provide anything outside their needs. Find out who your typical users are and identify their browsing behavior. Find out what tickles their attention and then focus on that.

Incorporate your website branding elements to your mobile site

Yes, the mobile site is more streamlined to match the needs of your consumers. But you also want to keep something that connects your standard site to your mobile platform. A mobile website is just a more accessible version of a standard website so anything that promotes your brand essence should be found on both platforms. This way, your loyal consumers will not be confused in navigation should they try to check on your mobile site.

Here are more tips for website branding.

Mobile platforms are the “in-thing” nowadays. It is understandable that building and designing it can be very challenging for most marketers. Just keep in mind the needs of your consumers and follow the simple tips above, and before you knew it, you are already getting the attention of your target customers.

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