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6 SEO Solutions That Increase Your Website Visibility

6 SEO Solutions That Increase Your Website Visibility

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process that website owners undertake to improve
their website’s position in major search engines such as Google. As a rule of the thumb, the site that
appears higher on the first page of search engines has better website traffic and has more
chances of grabbing consumers to purchase their products and services. Therefore, the main goal of
every website is to get to page one and establish its position there.

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However, it’s not always a bed of roses for online entrepreneurs. There are times that problems arise
which kick them out of their position or prevent them from appearing on top pages of search results.
Now, if you are one of those online entrepreneurs who want to succeed in SEO, below are the 6 SEO
solutions that will surely help you land a stable place in search engine’s result page.

Here is a quick link to beginner’s guide to SEO.

1. Use keywords strategically

Keywords are the staple of SEO. A website with inappropriate keywords is useless and fated to fail.
With the new SEO algorithm, contents with long tail keywords have better success than short
and generic ones. Make sure that your keywords or keyword phrases are relevant to your
company and has a conversational marketing vibe. There are a lot of keyword research tools on
the internet that you could use for searching the best keywords for your website. And once you
already have your targeted keywords, use them strategically on your website as well as on your

2. Originality is the rule

When it comes to content marketing, original, high quality, and relevant materials rule. Major
search engines like Google never liked duplicate contents — meaning, two or more substances
posted in different URLs. And it could hurt your website real bad once search engines notice
this. If you want to establish trustworthiness and prominence, you have to make sure to post
unique contents that are relevant to your company. You can use tools such as Copyscape,
SiteLiner, etc. to check the originality of your content.

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3. Use keywords naturally

Let’s say you already have determined the keywords or keyword phrases that you want to rank
for your website. Typically, the next thing that you would like to do is to optimize your site
and blogs with these keywords. But keep in mind that your keywords use must look natural.
While keyword spamming could be useful, say decades ago, it is no longer the game plan
today. Focus on writing contents that are relevant and informative to your targeted audience.
Then put in the keywords where they are necessary. Once your audience loves your content,
then so will the search engines.

4. Optimize your website design

Your website, as well as its navigational structure, plays a very crucial role in how major search
engines gauge its importance. The moment that your web page loads too long, you are already
one step closer to failure. The faster your website loads, the more search engines will love you.
Use tools like SiteLiner or Screaming Frog to check your website’s navigational and internal link
structure as well as your PageRank flow. Don’t just make your website search engine friendly,
but also as user-friendly as possible.

5. Earn quality inbound links

Gone are the days when ambitious website owners sought to buy links from third-party agencies
to drive traffic to their websites; regardless if the links already looks too spammy and
irrelevant. The new algorithm requires you to shed some sweat and work hard to earn inbound
links. How to make quality inbound links? Simple. Create and publish original and high-quality

6. Invest in social media

Seriously, who isn’t using social media nowadays? Probably only the Neanderthals. Social media
are the best platforms to use if you want to gain a reputation and expand your audience fast.
Posting contents on social media will not only educate potential customers on why they should
choose your products and services, but it will also allow you to interact with them making you
connections with your customers more solid.

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