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Five Ways To Instantly Improve Your Marketing Emails!

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you what mistakes you’re making with your copy, why you got to kick those habits to the curb, and what to do instead. What’s up, if this is your first time here? I’m Shane Perry from the leading digital marketing company for Hawaii businesses. If you’re trying to take your business to the next level, go ahead and subscribe to our emails and check out more of our videos on youtube. All right, enough small talk. Let’s give your copy a facelift.

Stop Talking About Yourself

The first habit on the chopping block is talking about yourself. Look, I know you’re great. You know you’re great. But does your audience care? No, not really. No face. The fact of the matter is, you don’t earn engagement by talking about yourself. You deserve it by identifying your customer’s problems and offering solutions. So figure out your pain points and send emails that address them. Once you’ve shown you can solve consumer’s problems, they’ll care enough about your brand to appreciate how great you are.

Use Social Proof

Number two. Say goodbye to old marketing strategies, speaking like while supplies last, and satisfaction guaranteed -any word or phrase you might see on a used car dealership. Marketers love these words a century ago to build brand confidence or create urgency, and they worked at the time. But now we’ve all seen it so much that we’re either desensitized to it or find it super gimmicky. And you’re anything but gimmicky, right? So instead, use social proof. See reviews left by happy customers and create brief video interviews linked to complimentary press write-ups.

Anything that shows to strangers that you’re a hot commodity without telling them you’re one of these verifiable and quantifiable methods does a much better job at proving your worth.

Overused Slag Does Not Help

Moving right along to number three—overused slang, especially if that isn’t how you usually talk. Trust me, they can tell. We can all tell instead of using trendy words that will inevitably go out of fashion, use trade terms, get to know the lingo of your industry, and insider terms related to your fundamental customer’s interests. You should probably already know the former, but you can get to know the latter through meaningful interactions.

Random and Unnecessary Descriptions

Next up for number four. Using unnecessary descriptions. It’s like Stephen King famously said, the road to hell is paved with adverbs. So many words are harmless in conversation, like literally, and take up space in your copy because they aren’t saying anything meaningful. The same goes for adjectives like unique and unbelievable. Instead, use meaningful descriptions that paint a vibrant, specific picture of the value and benefits you offer. Your product or service isn’t amazingly well made. It’s constructed according to your industry demands.

Stop Using Baseline Accomplishments

Last but not least, number 5. It’s time to drop words that make you sound new. What do I mean? Don’t mention your expert consultants or friendly customer service reps in your email. Marketing consultants are supposed to be experts. Customer service reps should be pleasant. You’re wasting valuable ad space and customer time bragging about baseline accomplishments. Instead, get specific and personal. Write up individual team profiles for your email.

Share your consultants’ education, experience, and career win. The goal is to prove your team’s qualifications and build a connection in a way adjectives just can’t.

All right. It’s time to start revising as you head forward, ask yourself what would Don Draper do? And then don’t do that. If your newsletter would fit perfectly into the Mad Men universe, it’s probably alienating your modern-day customers. Please drop a comment below to let me know your favorite tip or tell us some things you do to make an excellent email marketing copy.

Make sure you subscribe to the google my business channel, and we’ll see you next time! also, check out some of our other articles below!

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