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The Clubhouse App | A Comprehensive Guide On How To Get Started

Getting Started With The Clubhouse App

Are you using the clubhouse app and wondering how does this app works? In today’s blog post we’re going to help get rid of all your frustrations and all of your headaches. Then show you exactly what you need to know to crush it with clubhouse. Let’s do this.

What is Clubhouse?

What exactly is clubhouse Clubhouse? Basically, it is a live audio app, and it’s an amazing experience where you can go into any room and listen to people talk on a wide range of topics. You can take the stage and can participate with people all over the world. And here’s the interesting part. When that live room is done, it’s gone forever. Nothing is recorded. And this creates an incredible fear of missing out mentality that causes people to spend countless hours on the app.

Clubhouse App Photo

The great thing about clubhouse is it’s like networking on steroids. You can make absolutely amazing connections very rapidly and discover really rich interactive content. If you want to make the most out of the clubhouse app, you need to know what the pros are doing in today’s post.

We’re going to break down absolutely everything you need to know into multiple chapters. You can download a clubhouse app google extension to learn the secrets on how to grow your following, etc on this new app. Download it here.

The functionality of Rooms in Clubhouse

So let’s get familiar with the basic functions of a room. A room is just like a room inside of a conference hall. You walk into a room and you first see people up on the stage. Whenever you’re inside of a room, you can click the leave quietly button and very easily leave the room. The raised hand icon in the bottom center of the app allows anyone in the room to click it, and then the moderators are notified and they can decide to bring you up on the stage.

In some cases, the raised hand feature will be great out and that is because the moderator decided to turn off the raising hand’s feature. And when that happens, everyone in the room is notified that the raising hand’s feature has been turned off. This is usually done when you’re in a room and they’re doing some sort of a presentation. They don’t want to be distracted by anyone raising their hands. But that can always be turned back on by the moderator whenever they want to.

Pinging Your Friends

The plus sign allows you to ping in someone who you are following into the room. So if you’re in a room and you find some content really interesting, you can hit that plus sign and you can search for individuals and you can click on them and all of a sudden they will be pinged right into the room. Anyone who’s speaking inside the room will have a shape around their head and that’s how you know who’s speaking. The mute sign in the bottom right-hand corner is how you mute it on mute yourself.

Basic etiquette when on the stage

Now, here’s something really interesting. When you are on the stage and someone on the stage says something really valuable, you can mute and mute yourself in rapid succession as a way of applauding. And by doing that, that’s sending a signal to everyone in the room that I appreciate what the person speaking just said. Whenever you go up on stage, the general protocol is to always mute yourself. If you forget to do that, sometimes moderators will do that for you. This just allows the background noise to kind of be removed from the app.

Viewing A User’s Bio

Now, one of the cool things about being in a room is you can go ahead and click on any person’s bio. It can be someone on the stage. It can be someone in the audience. If you click on someone’s bio and then you swipe up, you can see how many followers they have and who is following them. You can click on who this person is following.

Picture of Bio o Clubhouse app

And when you do that, you’re going to begin to see a series of clubs that this person follows. And as you continue to scroll down the screen, all the individuals that this person is following and you might begin to want to follow some of these other people. Here’s why this is important. There is an algorithm that makes a decision about what content to show you based on who you are following. There’s also a bio that describes what this person’s all about.

And if you go to the very bottom, you will also see access to this person’s Twitter account and Instagram account. And this is really important. Now, there is no private messaging on the app. This is why you want to for sure, attach your Twitter account and attach your Instagram account, even if you’re not active on these platforms because a lot of people will check you out and they’ll say, hey, I was in a clubhouse with you and I loved what you said. A lot of the networking happens off-platform over on Instagram at the very bottom of someone’s bio are the clubs that they belong to.

Networking on Clubhouse

Now, clubs are a fascinating facet inside of the clubhouse. Clubs can create their own content and clubs have members and followers. So if you look at all these clubs, these little tiny circles, you can click on any one of them.

For example, in the CEO’s club, and you can see what that club is all about. You can see who the creator of that club is because of the very first person listed on the app.

You can begin to follow some of the people in the club. There are clubs and everything you could possibly imagine. I belong to a couple of Clubs. I’m hoping to start a Hawaii Club club for businesses and entrepreneurs in Hawaii.

So the key thing is you want to follow clubs and if possible, you want to join clubs. This will help create a better experience within the app. When you click on someone’s bio, you have a couple of options. One option is obviously to follow them.

Notification Settings

Now, here’s something really important to understand. There is a bell to the left of the bio. If you click on that bell, it will say always, sometimes, and never, ever. The magic of this app is that whenever someone you follow goes up on the stage, you get notifications and these notifications can get a little crazy because some people take the stage a lot. There are some people you might not ever want to be notified of when they go up on the stage.

The default is sometimes. But there are some people that you always want to be notified of when they go up on the stage, and in that case, you want to click always. And when you do that, it’s going to change the icon. The way you see right here to the right of the following is also a little icon that has some stars inside of it. If you click on it, it’s going to show you people that are like that person and it allows you to scroll through and find other people to follow.

We’re going to share a little bit more about setting up your own profile in the next blog post but if you love what you’ve heard so far, please click the share button. It really makes a difference. Also, subscribe to our emails so you don’t miss out on the latest from us!

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