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Business Slogans: 5 ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

Business Slogans

Business Slogans: 5 ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

By definition, a business slogan is a short phrase that works as a short representation of your services or your company. It is supposed to converse with your audience and targeted audience what makes you different from your competitors and why should they choose you. Companies have been using slogans in their advertisements since centuries ago.  You will know when your business slogan is effective when people easily remember it and the consumers understand the qualities you want them to associate with your business.

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It is undeniably important to make your slogan catchy and meaningful as it is the most effective means to draw a mass of attention towards to brand or products. But how are you going to do it? Below are the 5 effective ways you can follow to make your slogan stand out from the herd of competitors.

Make It Short Yet Timeless

Nobody wants complication, so why give a complicated slogan? Most of the effective slogans are not a sentence long. Some are even phrases long. The shorter and simple the slogan is, the easier it will be remembered by consumers. Think of the most appealing part of your company and describe them in as few words as possible. And make sure that your chosen slogan will stand the test of time – whatever season it will be. There is a reason why famous brands have slogans that survived the test of time — their slogans are simple yet timeless.

 Make It Consistent

One thing that you wouldn’t want to do is to change your slogans every effin’ chance you get. It will confuse your consumers, and confusion oftentimes leads to untrustworthiness. Remember, not all slogans gives the desired effect so if your chosen slogan works, then stick to it no matter how boring or dull you think it sounds.

Make It About Your Audience

The most important element in your business is your consumers, so impress them more by focusing your slogan on them. Slogans that are about your audience are more memorable and easier to be remembered since it relates to them. Aside from that, these types of slogans are found to pique certain emotions to consumers because it will make them feel important. Thus, leading them to patronize your product more.

Make It Poetic Yet Realistic

Who says poetic and realistic can go hand in hand. It would be helpful to make your slogan poetic in such a way that you use similar-sounding words or rhyme words. A good flow of wordings is pleasing to the ears. But make sure not to exaggerate things too much. Refrain from making promises that you can’t keep because eventually, customers will notice it and will lose interest and trust in you.

Make It Original

It is nice to find inspiration from existing brands, but don’t ever copy slogans from other companies especially it is already a well-known slogan. Because, believe me, the audience will notice that, and you wouldn’t like to be quoted as the “trying hard copy-cat”. The most effective slogan is something that matches the company’s branding. You can get ideas from other brands, but make something that is better and is related to your whole company.

Many audiences also love the funny slogan. It is like a breath of fresh air to them. It gives them the short get-away from their long days at work. So if you can inject a joke or two on your slogan, then why not? As long as it appropriate and won’t appear awkward on your branding strategy.

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