What Is Influencer Marketing?

What Is Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

You would probably agree that 2017 gives birth to influencer marketing. In fact, up until now, businesses flock to influencers like birds on their forage. With hopes that their products’ conversion rate will increase. But what really is influencer marketing? And when does someone become an influencer?

To those who are new to online marketing, influencer marketing is the practice of one’s business in promoting and selling their products and services through influencers. Or the people who can influence the character of their brands.

Influencer marketing has been around in the corporate industry for many years. People having a huge effect on the audience’s outlook towards a certain brand or product through the use of well-known celebrities and media personalities. It just rose in popularity nowadays perhaps because of the high-level approach and strategies being used making it more effective and powerful to businesses.

What Makes An Influencer Marketing Effective?

In order for influencer marketing to be effective, it must yield a positive result. In other words, the influencer must be able to influence or affect the behavior or attitude of the targeted audience towards the advantage of your business. An effective influencer must have the following characteristics: salesmanship, followers, and credibility.


Salesmanship is a talent. And influencer has this distinctive talent. Not all people have the ability to be able to convince other people’s point of view towards something with just his choice of words. Effective influencers consider every single sale talk like a proposal to their girlfriends. They have to put their best foot forward all the time. The influencer and the product or brand he is trying to sell becomes one and the targeted audience becomes the girlfriend that is hoping to convince to spend the rest of her life with him. And just like in marriage, a good and effective influencer is wed to his influential in sickness and in health.


How important are followers of influencer marketing? Simple. They determine the engagement rate. If the influencer has a huge number of followers on his social media accounts and he is very interactive in his community, then the bigger chance that his followers engage on his posts or contents. Most of the time, businesses consider the engagement rate that an influencer has first in determining whether to work with him or not.


Trust – a very important recipe to build a relationship between two or more people. Who would have thought that this place an equally important role in the online community? And when will consumers trust an influencer? It’s when they feel and see that the influencer knows every single word that comes out of his mouth and every single act he does. Once the targeted audience finds the influencer credible enough, then they will automatically trust him. And consequently changes their opinions and preferences in the advantage of the influencer.

If you are struggling with keeping your place in online marketing, then considering an influencer’s help might just be the right idea. Just do your homework first before hiring an influencer. Make sure that they possess the above characteristics in order for you to reap your desired results.

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