What Is Google Remarketing And How You Can Set it Up

If you have an online business and have been in the industry for some time now, then you must have already heard about Google remarketing. As the term remarketing implies, it is a form of advertising that helps websites to show their targeted ads to their website visitors or online users who have already visited their websites. 

Google Remarketing is a practical approach as it radically increases the business’ visibility and ROI. The website users will then see their ads while browsing the site, watching videos, or playing games to introduce them to your products and entice them to learn more about it. The website visitors will become more familiar with your brand, and visitors who are already familiar with your brand will more likely become customers. 

How Does Google Remarketing Work

Google Remarketing is a straightforward yet effective strategy to improve conversion. If you have already advertised on Google, all you have to do is add a google pixel on your website’s visitors’ device or devices are given that these visitors meet your criteria. This will then enable you to add their unique cookie id on your remarketing audience list. 

You can choose to have more than one remarketing audience list depending on your criteria and goals. You might like to set your standards based on your visitors’ location, gender, age group, or interests based on the browsing behavior. After the latest Google remarketing revision, more features and controls are now added to it, which are all beneficial to advertisers. 

How Do You Set Up Google Remarketing Campaign

If you want to create a Display Network Remarketing campaign, then follow the steps below:

  1. Follow the standard set up process and choose “Display Network only.”
  2. In the section “Create an ad group and ad,” choose “Interests and Remarketing.”
  3. Go to “Narrow your targeting” and choose your remarketing list.
  4. Then identify the number of people that belongs to the list you are creating. Do this on the “Video Viewers” option too.
  5. Should you like to show your remarketing ads to your desired audience in Gmail, you can choose the option “Customer email lists.”
  6. Select the email list that you desire to target and finish setting up your campaign

Setting up remarketing campaigns for YouTube Ads:

  1. Go through the standard set up process for an ad. Click “Campaign” and choose “Video.” You can opt to have your announcements appear on YouTube only by deselecting the “Video partners on the Display Network.”
  2. In the “Video ad” tab, choose the kind of ad format that you want to run. 
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the “Narrow your targeting” button and choose the “Remarketing” option.
  4. Select the list you want to remarket to.  You can choose to promote to your audience based on their Youtube activity by selecting “Video remarketing lists,” or decide to expand based on your audiences’ AdWords activities by choosing the “AdWords remarketing lists” option.