Video: Your SEO Secret Weapon

Video: Your SEO Secret Weapon

In the last decades, the digital landscape has changed considerably. Gone were the days when people need to have a desktop in order to search something on the internet. Instead, people will just have to open their smartphones and tablets, and, presto! They can browse and search all they want. The same changes happen to content marketing. Before will be content with reading text on your website page; but now, you will perhaps agree that majority of the users will lose interest in checking a web page when there’s no video included in it.

According to Cisco, about 69% of internet traffic is mainly caused by video streaming. And the figure is expected to escalate and by 2019, will claim above 80% of all internet traffic. We can safely say that online video has now become a key indicator for people to meet their information and entertainment needs. Hence, video marketing is the way of today and the future. And many online marketers probably agree to this as 87% of them are already using video content in their marketing strategies.

Why Consumers Love Video Content

The list could go on and on when talking about the proofs that video marketing is the way today. But, why do you think consumers love video content? Well, let’s start with the recent study conducted by AOL. The company studied the emotions that motivate the instances wherein people engage in a certain type of digital content. It came to a conclusion that majority of online consumers are motivated to watch because of their needs to feel connected and comforted. Watching video content inspires, entertains and makes them feel good.

Another reason is the fast-paced life that people are leading nowadays. Everyone is busy – whatever work we may have and whatever walk in life we may come from. Reading an article in full text takes a lot of time compared to watching a video which summarizes all the content in the article. A video is more convenient and easier to digest compared to text.

Why Search Engines Love Video Content

Did you know that an online marketer who includes video in their marketing strategy enjoys about 157% increase in their organic traffic? Yes, search engines love video content that much! Actually, whatever the consumers love, search engines will love that too! To quote, “One of the most influential search movements of the last few years has been the integration of different types of content directly into the SERPs. If Google sees it as relevant to a particular query, you’ll now see images and videos outranking the organic page listings and visually dominating the page.”

Ranking to major search engines’ first page is the ultimate goal of all online marketers. So it is hard to ignore the statement above. Of course, the quality and interactivity of the video also matter. So if you want to gain dominance in your industry, then make sure to include high-quality video in your marketing strategy. The better quality the video is and the more customer interaction it has. The higher the possibility for Google to notice it and rank it. Visit our Home Page for more marketing services!