Top SEO Techniques Working In 2018 And Beyond

Top SEO Techniques Working In 2018

Top SEO Techniques Working In 2018

SEO techniques that might have worked before may be obsolete now. So you have to be updated with what works now, and in the future as well. Staying on top of the trends will ensure that you get ahead in search engine rankings and boost traffic for your site.

Take a look at what experts have to say that’s working in 2018 and beyond.

Improve Engagement to Boost Rankings

Better on-site engagement means you can hook users to spend more time on your pages. There’s evidence that if your site has active participation with visitors, Google rewards you with a higher page ranking. You’ll see this regarding search visits, total visits, direct visits, global rank, time on site, bounce rate, and page views. If you want to have a higher ranking in search engines, improve the features of your site to allow for better engagement.

Consider YouTube SEO

It has been confirmed that 55% of all keyword searches on Google would feature at least one video, and 82% of those come from YouTube. It is also considered that YouTube is the second most popular search engine because it has more than 3 billion searches per month. Now that is something you should tap on.

Making highly optimized YouTube videos will give you consistent traffic over time. Optimizing your videos will push your website to the first page of Google and get regular traffic from YouTube as well.

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Prioritize Topics Instead of Keywords

It won’t matter in the long run if you keep focusing too much on keywords. You have to take a closer look at how to make more engaging articles based on trending topics.

Google is ever evolving in its algorithm, and it is time to understand more of what site users’ intentions are. These may include what users expect, what they’re looking for, and what search results would best help answer their queries. Thus you have to consider what users are looking for instead of the many different ways users phrase a search keyword or question.


Google algorithms are evolving, so your SEO efforts should evolve along the trends as well. You can get ahead of the competition by keeping yourself updated with how users think, how they search your site and other ways that can bring traffic back to your site.