5 Tips for Writing Call to Actions That Work

5 Tips for Writing Call to Actions that Work

5 Tips for Writing Call to Actions that Work

Read this blog, and you will have the best days of your life. Do I have your attention now? The statement above plays a significant role in the topic that I am about to discuss – Call To Action. By definition, a call-to-action is what marketers call the sentence or phrases that initiate their target audience to perform a task like clicking a URL, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing the product.

However, consumers are stubborn. Who would automatically register for a newsletter with just a mere “Sign up now!”? Nobody. In marketing, you have to attract someone’s attention first before you could compel him or her into doing something that will benefit your website. So how are you going to do this? Follow the five tips in writing a killer call to action that will inevitably hook your target audience.

Figures are powerful

As what the famous saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. If there are millions of people signing up for a newsletter, wouldn’t you get curious and try signing up on it too? Of course, you would right? This strategy has been used and proven to be very useful for many online marketers. The figures you will use on your call to action serve as a carpet that the users will walk on towards your mailing list. Your website visitors will tend to think that if this large number of people have subscribed or registered, then it must be worthy of it.

Take advantage of the FOMO syndrome

Another useful tactic in writing call to action that, again, rose from human nature is the FOMO syndrome or “Fear Of Missing Out.” Remember how people run to the department store when a 50% sale is ending? That’s what FOMO could do to your users. A message that is prompting you to do something because time is running out is hard to ignore. This kind of call to action will somewhat instill fear in users that they might miss out on something important that might not happen again anytime soon.

Integrate strong command verbs

Using command verbs at the start of your call to action will make your message clear and straight to the point. It will give the impression you know precisely what you want from your audience, and you are confident enough that you will get it. So don’t beat around the bush. Start your call to action with the appropriate active command of verbs.

Easy is sweet

Do you know why the internet is a huge hit? It’s because it makes our life more comfortable and faster. So you now get what I’m trying to say here? Yes, people love everything that is easy and fast. This is also true in your call to action. Your CTA should be easy to comprehend as well as easy to perform. As much as possible, lay everything on the table for your customers. If you want the users to visit your website, then put your URL which they can easily visit in just one click and a QR code for mobile users.

Give something valuable in return

A mutual relationship is the best relationship as both parties are benefiting from it. If you want to capture the users easily, then offer something in return that will also help them. It could be a discount code if you are an online seller or a free ebook for an email subscription.

In conclusion, if you want to have a beneficial and compelling call to action, you need to know your audience first. Once you already have an idea of what they, planning on how to catch their attention will then be a lot easier.