s It Time To Revamp Your Website

Is It Time To Revamp Your Website? Here Are 5 Signs

The first impression lasts. And do you know where first impressions start? It on the appearance. If you think that eye-catching logo and sleek website appearance is enough to make your website stand out in the see of powerful online businesses, then you are bound to experience the biggest disappointment of your life. Website design and development plays a very crucial part in the success of your business as it serves as your business card in the online landscape. Not only do you want your website to look classy and powerful, but you also need it to perform fast and well.

So how will you know when your website is no longer as functional as it used to be? Read on below the 5 dreadful signs that will compel you to start redesigning your website.

It Is Slow And Outdated

It is a no-brainer to know that a website that performs real slow discourages customers as well as search engine crawlers. If your website was designed way back 5 or 10 years ago, then it caters the Generation X then you better start planning on redesigning your website for the Millennials’ taste. Outdated design and development come slow performance of the site. A good website loads completely in two seconds or less. If your website loads beyond two seconds, then you bound to lose about 49% of your total audience if you won’t settle this issue right away.

It Is Not Mobile Friendly

The advancement of technology gives birth to the use of our smartphones to almost anything and everything. In fact, 80% of internet users own a mobile phone and tablet so you can just imagine how unsatisfied they will feel if they find out that your mobile site is not user-friendly. When you notice that your targeted audiences are not patronizing your mobile site well, then there must be something wrong with it that needs to resolve as soon as possible. To check the mobile-friendliness of your site, consider asking yourself the following questions: is the text readable enough? Can you navigate on your site well on a smaller screen?

It Is Not Ranking Well

This is the most obvious sign that your website needs revamping. Unfortunately, it is also one of the nastiest and painful outcomes of a bad website. Google and other major search engines will not rank you well on SERPs if your website is not usable, helpful and reliable enough. Is your website bringing you leads and sales? If your answer is NO then you’ve got to start planning on how to reborn your website.

It Doesn’t Have A Social Life

We are now living in the world of interaction and networking. Almost everything happens within the online community and if your website has none, you sure are way left behind. The social community is the best way to lead consumers and targeted consumers to check and patronize your site. If you are not actively involved in a community, how do you think will users find out about your website?

It Lacks Content Management

Content is the blood that keeps your website alive. Without content, your website is as good as a rotten vegetable. Go over your website and read each content in your consumer’s point of view. If you don’t find them interesting, helpful, and time-relevant, better vamp up your website now.

Revamping your website is time-consuming and oftentimes costly. However, doing nothing on a barely their business site is worse. It is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Would you let your website, along with your dreams and goals, die a slow death? Or would you gamble in revamping it and maybe, it will flourish and bring in sales? You choose.