What’s The Difference Between Marketing & Advertising

Marketing vs Advertising

What’s The Difference Between Marketing & Advertising

If you sometimes find yourself confused with marketing and advertising, then rest assured, you are not alone. At first glance, you may see both terms related especially since both aims for the same thing — getting a service or product sold. However, their similarities end there.

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Knowing the difference between marketing and advertising plus great market research will give your business a head start from your competitors. So let’s start digging into these two terms deeper and know them more.

What is Marketing?

Marketing refers to the more extensive process of getting your products ready for the marketplace. The process involves knowing who your potential customers are, their buying behavior, and what piqued their interests so that they will be willing enough to exchange something of value to them, such as money, for the product or service you offered. Marketing includes adjusting and polishing your brand’s color, logo, and other design elements to make it appealing and match well with your product.

4. Primary Elements of Marketing

  1. Product

It is the item that addresses the consumers’ needs. It could be a good or a service.

  1. Price

It is the amount that customers pay for the products or services they purchase.

  1. Place

It is the location where consumers can access the products and services being offered. And products can be provided through selective distribution, exclusive distribution, or franchising.

  1. Promotion

It is the means that a company uses to communicate its products and services to its potential customers. The development used by the company is also a big factor that affects the success of the products or services being offered.

What is Advertising?

If we picture out marketing as a whole pizza, then advertising is just a slice of the entire pizza. Can you see the picture now? Advertising is only one component of the whole marketing process. It is part of the element Promotion in Marketing. Advertising is the process that companies use to promote their products and services and to spread the word so that the potential customers will know that the company exists.

Advertising can be in the form of newspapers, magazines, direct mail, billboards, TV, radio, and other online mediums. Like marketing, advertising also evolved – from print to media advertising where the ways are less costly, more effective and reach more potential customers in a shorter period.

Marketing and Advertising are two significant terms in online business that are ALWAYS used. So if you want to thrive in this very competitive industry, then understanding the difference between the two words is essential.  Remember, advertising is marketing, but Marketing is not advertising.