Eight Instagram Marketing Strategies for Small-Medium Size Businesses

Whether you have a small-medium sized business or a large scale business, you know how
important it is to use social media. These social media platforms can significantly improve your
search engine rankings and will boost your online presence when using correctly. There are many
social media platforms that you can use today, and one of the most popular and active social
media is Instagram. With over 700 million users, imagine the opportunities it can open up for
your business.

We all know how small and medium scale business needs exposure and with the help of
Instagram, you not only do it, but you can also keep up with other companies in the market
today. However, the key here is to know how to use Instagram to your advantage. Like any
other marketing tool, you need to understand marketing strategies you can use on Instagram.
Below are some strategies you can use to make your brand influential.

1. Switch to a business profile immediately

Aside from the obvious benefits, a business profile gives you on Instagram. It also gives you
access to insights. With this, you will have all the essential data that you would want to
know about your account and how your content is doing. Thus, you will be able to
make your content more personalized since you get to know your followers more.

2. Hashtags are a must use

Hashtags were born about a decade ago, and even now, it is still one of the most
critical elements that small and medium businesses must have in their Instagram
accounts. Hashtags give your business the visibility it needs in the community. People
who are following the hashtag you are using will be able to see your content. In other
words, it increases your chances of visibility and exposure.

3. Link your social media accounts

If you have already set up different social media accounts for your business, then why not
link them to your Instagram. This way, you can share your content across your other social
platforms and draw your audiences back to your Instagram account. This is an excellent strategy
if you have a big audience on different social platforms and want to grow your Instagram profile.

4. Post engaging photos and videos

The connection is what you would want to build with your audiences. To do this,
you need to engage them by posting content that will catch their interest. Questions that
you should ask yourself before posting is is this content relatable? Does it spark
conversations? Can it possibly go viral?

5. Use content marketing tools

There is a wide array of tools at your dispense that will help your Instagram grow
in one way or another. If you are starting with Instagram, then you might like to try
using content marketing apps that will help you create visually appealing content as well
as the layout of your profile. Check out this article for the apps we recommend!

6. Create sponsored ads

Sponsored ads maximize your opportunity to reap success. It allows you to present your
ads right in front of the people who are looking for it. You can use sponsored ads to promote
your products and services, but more importantly, you can use it to funnel people to your account.
We use this particular strategy to grow our audience base and increase user retention.

7. Make use of Instagram stories

There is no doubt that Instagram posts can and will reach your targeted audience; however,
there is an upcoming trend of businesses using Instagram stories to promote particular
things happening in their business throughout the week. A strategy that we like to use is
promoting a specific service or product each day of the week. This keeps our content fresh
and our audience not looking at one particular service or product over and over again.

8. Use influencers

If you haven’t taken advantage of Instagram influencers, then you are missing out on so
much for your business. People generally trust a recommendation from a friend more
than what a company is trying to advertise, and that is where Instagram influencers
enter the picture (a person that has a big following). A strategy that works well
for most businesses is finding an influencer in your niche and reaching out to them
about promoting your product or service to their following. A lot of times, influencers will
expect compensation or products in the trade of them, promoting your business to their followers.

If you interested in our company growing your audience on Instagram please check out this page!