Email Marketing Tips To Increase Sign Ups

Remember the cliché, the more, the merrier? Well, this is very true when talking about email marketing. The more email subscribers you have, the closer you will be to the marketing success. Contrary to what some know, having website visitors doesn’t necessarily spell success in your business. You might have many site visitors, but what good will it bring it if these visitors don’t convert to customers?

There is no doubt that email is one of the essential game-changers in the digital marketing world. It helps business owners build awareness about their products, improve leverage, and increase conversion. So if you have experienced the low-subscribers dilemma, then better learn on the powerful email marketing tips below.

Make A Clear Call To Action

This is the most crucial part of email marketing.  If your call to action is bland, then your sign up page is good as invisible. Make sure your call to action is the first thing that your visitors can see and has no identical buttons on your page. Here are some critical call to action tips.

Provide Access to Something Valuable

Sure, discounts and deals catch the user’s attention, which will opt them to read. But once they realize that the offers are not tangible enough, they won’t subscribe to your newsletter. Put into consideration your target audience. What will your value subscribers want to get in return for signing up for your newsletter?

This is the reason why companies offering whitepapers and eBooks have more email subscribers. Webinars and free online courses are also gaining popularity nowadays as offers in exchange for email sign-ups.

Keep It Simple

Website visitors may lose interest when they are asked too many questions or need to fill in a long-form. They also tend to hesitate when the problems suddenly involve their financial information. Keep in mind your goal; which is to get your visitors to sign up for your newsletter. The key here is to provide an offer as soon as possible to keep everything simple and direct to the point. 

Use Modal Window for Signup

Let’s face it, going to another webpage for sign up is a bit time-consuming. It is like giving your visitors the chance to change their minds; which means, there is a possibility that they will not proceed with signing up. And you wouldn’t like that to happen. Try using a popup form for signups, and you’ll be surprised at how much your subscribers will increase. We recommend using convert plus as a WordPress option.

Use Social Proof

Social proof as a marketing strategy is already proven to be very useful in convincing your target customers to take action. One way to leverage social proof is to list your number of subscribers. Psychologically will persuade them to do something that everyone is doing. Plus, the number of subscribers can be a great attention catcher. 

These are five easy email marketing tips to help you get started today if you need help creating a landing page that converts, read this blog post.