How to Reactivate Instagram Account

How to Reactivate Instagram Account

Instagram is a fun environment where you can share photos and videos with family and friends.
Sometimes, people got so busy with so many things and decided to deactivate their Instagram
accounts. Most of us deactivate our social media accounts to get back to our social life outside
the internet. Well, it’s their choice, but should they want to reactivate their Instagram account,
they can do so.

Reactivating an account

The moment you decide you want your Instagram account back, you can always reactivate it.
The steps are simple. Follow the steps below:

1. Just click on the Instagram app on your smartphone.

2. Log in your username and password.
As long as your login credential is correct, you will be able to log in to your account
without any problem.

3. Follow the instructions that will pop up on the screen. If your account is deactivated for a long time, you may be asked to accept updated Terms of Use or verify your phone number before you can get into your account.

However, if your account has been disabled or suspended by Instagram for violating the apps’
Terms of Use, then you might need to fill up the Instagram appeal form for you to be allowed
again to use your account.

In the appeal form, you will be prompted to type an explanation why your account should not
be deactivated. Make sure that the tone of your message is pleasant and always end it with a
“Thank You.” You can resend the appeal several times until Instagram comes up with a decision.

Can my followers see my posts after reactivating my account?

Yes, your followers will be able to view your picture and comments. It’s like you had never
deactivated at all. However, you may need some time to catch up with the updates from your
friends and followers!

You cannot reactivate a deleted account

Make sure your account is just deactivated and not removed. There is no way you can retrieve a
deleted account. You won’t be able to reactivate it no matter what. Instagram will not entertain
your appeal for a deleted account. Once an account is deleted, it is forever gone so be careful
when deleting an account; else, you might build from scratch again.

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