How to Pick Keywords That Will Give You an Advantage Over Competitors

How to Pick KeywordsHow to Pick Keywords That Will Give You an Advantage Over Competitors

Keywords are the most important item in your strategy. If you put everything on your page – from your content to your images, videos, down to your alt-tag – to one word, that would be your keywords. Without keyword, it is like putting up a restaurant and advertising it without giving the people an idea of what your company is like and what you are selling. Furthermore, they are the strings that connect the people and what they are searching for your content which apparently, fills in that need.

Of course, there will be thousands and thousands of online marketers that are trying to dominate for a particular keyword or keyword phrases. Your goal here makes it easy for people who are looking for products and services in your industry to find you instead of your competitors. Successfully doing this means you have driven organic traffic to your site and ranks well in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

But, the million dollar question is, HOW? With the tough competition nowadays, ranking your website to the first page in major search engines is not that easy but the tips below can be very helpful.

Using Natural Phrases For Search-By-Voice

Search-by-Voice is a function in a search engine like Google which allows users to search the web through spoken voice commands instead of typing it. The voiced search usually return identical results as when you typed it. However, it is just a lot more convenient and faster to use search-by-voice. One important tip here is to use natural phrases or the languages that people normally use every day. You would want your keyword or keywords to appear natural without sounding like the keywords are forced into the content or searched term. Make sure to include detailed descriptive word and refrain from using general phrases. Keywords that are too generic means you are likely to be up against a lot of competition for it.

Adding Google Locations To Keyword Phrases

Local targeting in SEO has become a very effective tool for businesses who want to target potential customers in a specific location especially if you run a multi-location business. You will want to make sure that prospective customers will find the right information about your business no matter which location they may be. Some business owners thought that searching keywords in Google’s local search will automatically add the location to your keyword.

Multi-location businesses may have their main office, but they need their consumers to find their business address in their own locality. So you would want to add your NAP (name, address, and phone numbers displayed on specific pages of your website to make it clear to Google and to your consumers as well where to find you. There are also benefits to hiring a local SEO service.

Long-tail Keywords

The best thing about using long-tail keywords is that they less competition but has better-defined intent. While old keywords or the “head keywords are high volumes, competitive and broad keywords;  long-tail keywords are a combination of specific phrases that does not only bring visitors to your page, but it only brings the RIGHT visitors. These are the visitors that are exactly looking for the services that you are offering.

When you hear that your competitor has started a new SEO strategy, don’t panic. Hone in on your targeted keywords, then put it into action. Picking the right keywords and creating quality contents take a lot of time. But if you do it correctly, definitely all your hard work will pay off.

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