How To Do An Instagram Giveaway In 5 Steps

How To Do An Instagram Giveaway

How To Do An Instagram Giveaway

Do you want more engagement on your Instagram profile? The best way to do just that is to
organize an Instagram giveaway for your followers. Remember, people love free stuff. When
you post something that is for free, your followers will be excited to follow your page. When
you want to get more audience, the people’s desire to get something free is one of the most
powerful techniques that you can use.

What Are Instagram Giveaways?

These are giveaways (free of course) on a limited time to a lucky participant, given that the
winner will adhere to certain criteria. It can be an item, such as a book or a coupon discount.
The key here is to offer a free item that is related to your business or brand. Don’t give away a
mobile phone to get more traffic – it will never bring in quality participants who will
benefit your business. For example, if you are into photography, you may want to give
away a set of photography lens perhaps? Just stick within your niche to attract the right people into your business.

5 Steps in Doing Instagram Giveaways

So, you’ve already found an item you want to give away? Now, time to do an Instagram
giveaway steps!

1. Know Your Budget

A smart businessman always sets a budget in whatever endeavors he plans to do. Set a
limit to your prize value or units available. This will also prevent you to be on the losing
end. Having a budget limit will also help you narrow down your list of the possible
giveaways to give.

2. Determine Your Goals

This is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when planning
Instagram Giveaways. What are your goals in doing this? What are you trying to
achieve? Knowing your goals will make it easier for you to plan out the activities you are
going to launch in your Instagram account.

3. Define Contest Rules And Conditions

Set out your rules and conditions so that your contest will be more organized and will go
smoothly. This will also make it easier for Instagram users to participate in your contest.
And the more participants you have, the more engaging it will be, and the easier you will
achieve your goals.

4. Select a campaign hashtag

Hashtags play a very significant role in making your Instagram giveaways a success.
Using a hashtag will make it easier for interested users to find your contest. Hashtags
make it easier for you to deliver the contest to the exact audience that you are
targeting. Choose a hashtag that is unique and relevant to your niche.

5. Determine how to choose and identify the winner/s

The rules and conditions that you will set on your contest will let you identify the
rightful winner or winners. Make sure to track the results of your contest and don’t
forget to inform your participants through an Instagram post that the contest is already
closed. Don’t forget to show your gratitude to the participants and ALWAYS announce
the winner or winners. There you go, once you have this all figured out, you are now
ready to launch and promote your Instagram contest. Good luck to everyone joining the contest!

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