Five Key Tips On How to Choose an SEO Agency

A right SEO agency can make a massive difference to your business. With the right team behind you, you can see more call sales and a positive return on your SEO investment. That’s why you should take care in choosing an SEO agency for your business. If you’ve googled the best SEO agencies stop right there, you should not hire the first agency on the list.

As an owner who works at a reputable Hawaii SEO agency, here are five tips to help you narrow down that list of best SEO agencies from the search results.

  1. Know your business goals
  2. Research the company’s expertise
  3. Have a budget in mind
  4. Evaluate their transparency
  5. Get real proof

I’ll start with three tips you can try before getting in touch with an SEO agency.

Know your business goals

You really shouldn’t make any partnership decisions before outlining your business goals. Approaching an SEO agency and telling them you want to show up in search engines isn’t enough. Also, it’s pretty vague. If you choose the wrong agency, you’ll pay for a whole lot of nothing.

Some slightly more specific goals you can consider are getting more customers through sales or leads, improving brand awareness, gaining more industry recognition. And or building a more reliable reputation. You don’t only have to stick to those goals, but make sure whichever goals you choose to align with your brand.

Research the company’s expertise

Different SEO agencies have different capabilities to help you meet your goals. Some may only work in specific industries; some may offer additional services outside of SEO. There’s also a lot to know about SEO itself. Three significant parts of SEO are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. You can get even more specific with e-commerce, youtube local SEO, etc.

Seo can impact your business in different ways. And you don’t want to partner with an SEO agency that doesn’t have e-commerce experience if you’re an e-commerce business. Make sure to do your research first.

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Have a budget in mind

SEO isn’t free unless you do it yourself, but that’s a lot of ongoing technical work that I wouldn’t recommend doing if you are trying to run a business. Knowing how much you can spend on SEO can help you understand what you are willing to pay to achieve your goals.

There is a range of companies that offer “cheap SEO services” however, going with the cheapest option to save a few dollars can burn you in the end. For example, It’s like needing a new dining room chair and going with the cheapest option. You get it home, and it falls apart after a few weeks because of its poor construction.

The expensive chair might cost more initially, but it lasts for years in the end. If you go with cheap SEO services or “the best bang for your buck,” you might end up with a one-size-fits-all strategy. Some bad SEO practices can get you quick results but ultimately cause penalization of your site by search engines.

Evaluate their transparency

don’t be afraid to ask how the agency will inform you about what they’re doing to get results. You’re paying for their work, so you have a right to know where your investment is going. When choosing your SEO agency, you should know the processes in place for executing strategies. Like how they keep you in the loop on their progress towards your goals.

You should also know how they report results do they send over a document once a month with a bunch of numbers for you to interpret or do they prepare a custom report with valuable insights regularly. If they don’t tell you how they get results or at least how they communicate what they’re doing, you should probably look elsewhere for an agency. At Shane Perry Marketing, we make sure we communicate any new ranking movements, so you know where your site is at.

SEO isn’t some secret magical thing that a company does on the backend to instantly get you results. A reputable SEO agency should be open about what they’re doing to optimize their client’s results.

Get real proof

It’s easy to pretend that you’re something that you’re not on the internet nowadays. Any SEO agency out there can say they’re the best, but you need to find actual proof of this when you’re researching an agency. You might find case studies and testimonials on their website touting their excellent customer service and superior results, but they can control all that.

I’m not saying you should ignore all these things but be wary. Look for third-party reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, my business, Clutch, and Up To City. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the agency for references so you can learn about their client’s experience straight from the clients.

If you know any local business owners or managers who work with a specific agency, ask them about their experiences. Do your review research so that you can choose the best SEO agency that ads value to your team, goals, and brand.

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