What to Know About Facebook Ad Objectives

Often, Facebook advertisers put so much focus on their creativity, message, and targeting, that they overlook their settings. While creative may be an essential part of your advertising strategy on Facebook, it won’t drive the results you’re looking for if you don’t implement the proper objectives and settings for your campaign.

So let’s take a deep dive into Facebook’s campaign objectives and parameters so that you know what decisions to focus on during set up. And along the way, we’ll discuss how to set your next campaign up for success.

Facebook’s Ad Auction

Let’s start! As we know, Facebook’s ad auction relies on algorithmic learning to make decisions. To reach your advertising goals on Facebook, you need to provide the algorithm with the right information. As well as signals to enable this learning period. This is done during your campaign set up, from your objective to your ad set optimizations settings, bid strategy, and budget.

Setting Up Ad Objectives

Objective: This is is the first, most crucial decision you’ll make when creating your new campaign. When selecting your campaign objective, you will be given three options: awareness, consideration, and conversion. These options tell the algorithm what your ultimate goal is.

Optimization settings:

Now that you’ve selected your objective and named your campaign, you’ll head into your ad set. This stage is all about your settings, which will include the optimization event and ad delivery. The optimization event is the critical indicator of success for the algorithm. This is a crucial decision as your choice tells the algorithm what you consider a success for your chosen objective.

Furthermore, your optimization for ad delivery selection tells the algorithm how to deliver based on this event, whether that’s conversions, landing page views, or impressions. And over time, the algorithm will learn from these signals and begin to understand the optimal path for ad delivery.

Bid Strategy & Budget Control

Your bid strategy and budget control the algorithm by telling it how much you’re willing to spend overall and per event. With each of these selections, the algorithm will begin to learn how to drive volume at the right cost for your objective efficiently. So, as you can see, your goal and settings play a huge role in the success of your Facebook campaigns. I hope you found this helpful, and if you want to read more helpful tips check out our full marketing blog.