Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Boost Your Sales

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Boost Your Sales

As far as you remembered, you had done everything you to do to build traffic to your website, and you believe it is working. You are ranking well in the SERPs. However, that seems to be it. You have website visitors, but why aren’t you getting any sales? As online marketers, our goal in building a website is to compel online users to visit it AND to do something while on it like subscribing to your mailing list, downloading a whitepaper, or buying your products.

If you are one of those website owners who have enough visitors checking on their website yet, not thing seems to be happening out of it; then it is high time to address this problem and start working on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). But no need to panic, the CRO tips below will surely chase your worries away and help you boost your sales.

Get Familiar With Your Website’s Traffic

A smart warrior won’t start a war unless he knows he will win. That is very true in Conversion Rate Optimization. Don’t start any optimization steps unless you already know your website’s traffic data by heart. Or else you will just be slapped in the face with a significant bounce rate. Your website traffic data has so many stories to tell about the people visiting your website when they usually tour, and on what channel they typically use in attending. Understanding your visitors’ behavior means you will be able to identify the ways to target them appropriately and successfully. Google tag manager is a great way to track your conversions.

Analyze Your Competitor’s CRO Tactics

Remember the saying; you cannot defeat your enemies until you know who they are. The internet is a vast world with steep competition. And if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you have to be like them. Observe their CRO tactics; there must be a reason why they are structuring their website in such a way. Check out which strategies they are using in which situation. Then compare that to your current situation or audiences’ behavior. You never know, some plans may not work on them but are very applicable to yours.

Strong Message Match Equals Better Conversion

Message Match is a term used in marketing which means matching your ad copy to your landing page headline. Imagine this; you received a flyer of a pizza parlor with a 50% discount on a whole pizza for its soft opening. When you came to visit the store, you were shocked because it happens to be serving teas inside instead of pizza. Does that make sense? No. Wouldn’t you feel disappointed with the store? Yes. That is how vital, strong message match is. When your advertising what you are selling, then your visitors will feel reassured that they indeed came to the right place. Thus, they will be comfortable to do business with you.

Polish Your Landing Page

Clean up your landing page. Remove unnecessary buttons and features. Your primary purpose here is your visitors notice your Call To Action and then perform the task that you want them to do. If you clog up your landing page with features, it will attract your visitors’ attention away from your Call To Action. Instead, they will browse on the site to try the features until they get tired and then just hop out of it and ship to another place. That would be such a waste, wouldn’t it?

Website Personalization Is The Key

Website personalization has become quite a buzzword in the online world nowadays. And it’s a pity that there are still marketers who chose to ignore its significance in increasing conversion rates. Website personalization is crucial as it will enhance your visitors’ user experience and consequently improves your sales.