All You Need to Know About Content Marketing Vs Traditional Advertising

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Content Marketing Vs. Traditional Advertising

Content Marketing and Traditional Advertising has been the constant topic of discussion among online marketers for the past decades. What exactly is content marketing? And when is advertising became traditional? I have heard a lot of explanations on these two questions.

While some entered on my ear and then went right through the other ear; there are also some explanations that are worth remembering. It is true that there is a thin line that separates traditional advertising from content marketing. But if I have to sum up everything I learned about their constant squabble on the topic, I only have one word for it – QUALITY.

How Traditional Advertising Works?

Let’s start our discussion with the old-school type of advertising strategy or the Traditional Advertising. If you have been in the online industry for more than a decade now, then the kind of marketing that you grew up with is the Traditional Advertising. It is the type of marketing strategy wherein the promotions for the business’ products and services only when companies allow them to. To reach a targeted audience, enterprises use mediums such as billboards and signage, banner ads. As well as brochures, fliers, newspaper and magazine ads, and television and radio commercials.

Traditional Advertisement aims to make your audience understand your products and services, the reasons to have it and the means to get it. Generally, this marketing strategy tries to persuade the consumers to buy the products. The downside of this marketing strategy is that it is a one-sided approach. There is no interaction between the products and the audience as there are no means for them to leave comments and questions.

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How Content Marketing Works?

Content Marketing is the modern way of reaching your consumers. While Traditional Advertising uses old-school marketing strategy to reach out to prospective customers, Content Marketing, on the other hand, uses a more advanced and “more digital” distribution channel. Content Marketing publishes its content thru email newsletters, online articles and blogs, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, podcasts and webinars, and social media posts. If Traditional Advertisement aims to persuade consumers, Content Marketing uses a different approach. It allows online marketers to publish content that a broad demographic will find exciting and useful.

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There is no persuasion in this since the audience will be left to decide for themselves. The more interesting and helpful the information a company publishes, the more audience will choose to find the quality of the products and services. It makes the engagement between the audience and the products and services more interactive. Aside from that, with the nature of the internet, Content Marketing makes the business appear more trustworthy.
Finally, both strategies assist business owners in bringing their products to their desired audience.

Content Marketing may be more advanced, with more mediums available with faster results, and serves as a longer bridge to connect to consumers; one cannot still delude the fact that many online marketers today are smart enough to make use of both strategies. After all, two is better than one right?