Call To Actions That Actually Work For Marketing

Are you struggling with making your website visitors do what you want on your site? Are you one of those online marketers who is blessed with the right amount of traffic yet, are unfortunate enough to have little email subscribers or very low conversions? You know you have website visitors coming on your site daily. But, sad to say that they never signed up on your newsletters or subscribed on your product demo. Then, most probably there is something wrong with your call to actions.

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Like what its name implies, Call To Action has worded the urges your website visitors to take specific action on your website. These actions could be purchasing your products, subscribing to your email list and newsletter, signing up for your product demo, and many more. Call To Actions is undeniably one of the essential elements of your website. A convincing CTA will increase your business’ conversion rate and help you achieve your business’ goals and objectives.

You want to see how a great Call-To-Action looks like and why they work? Read on below.


CTA Phrase: Remember Everything

Two words yet it delivers a thousand messages to its website visitors. The moment website visitors landed on the page; they understand right away the objectives of Evernote. The design and color of the landing page are simple which is great because the users can easily find the green sign up button.


CTA Phrase: See What’s Next. Watch Anywhere. Cancel Anytime.

Why are these catchphrases effective? It’s because Netflix is not putting pressure its users with the outcome if they subscribe to it. It is like telling its users to give Netflix a try and if they aren’t satisfied with it, they can cancel the subscription anytime, and they have nothing to lose. 


CTA Phrase: Dating Deserves Better

The Call-To-Action focuses on the website users. It is like telling OKCupid members that they are their dating lifestyle is their priority more than anything else. Its additional description just above the sign-up button serves as icing on the cake.


CTA Phrase: Better Leaders. Better Teams

The catchphrase is direct yet straightforward. After reading the CTA, you will automatically get the message they want to deliver. The white font on a blue background is clean to look at. And the yellow sign up button is enough to grab the attention of website visitors.

Humboldt County

CTA Phrase: Follow The Magic

The best thing about Humboldt County’s website is that the video footage of the beautiful Humboldt shows how magical the place is. The stunning video will compel you and gives you the Alice-In-Wonderland ambiance. And the magic doesn’t stop there. Once you click on its CTA button, you will be directed to a page where you can choose your adventure which is a smart way to encourage visitors to spend longer time on the website.

There you have it! You may have noticed that the different companies above use different styles in creating their Call-To-Action. However, they all share one thing in common; and that is, all their CTA’s are clear and specific. When making your own CTA, always keep in mind to remove any distraction from entry, make it unique and refreshing, and encourages your audience to take immediate action.