5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Black Hat SEO Or Black Hat Techniques

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Do Black Hat SEO

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Black Hat SEO

If you have been in the online business for long, you probably heard the word “black hat technique.” Well, this isn’t just as simple as your black Fedora hat.

Sometimes, the online playing field can be a bit like the Wild West. Newbies finally gathered all their courage and put up their online business with high hopes that they will get productive fast. Then they met salespeople who are great at making promises about how their products can be their ticket to success. And just like in the Wild West, the community is divided into two: the good ones and the bad ones. The good ones are those who religiously follow the law by performing only the “white hat” techniques to rank their website. And those bad ones who are fool enough to believe the salesmen they met on the road and those that are too lazy to do the hard work, so they just resorted to the easiest shortcut: the “black hat” techniques.

But don’t you know that shouldn’t be like the fools in the Wild West? Read on below to understand the reasons:

You are fooling everyone

Black hat is an illegal SEO technique that aims to trick the search engines so that it will boost your rankings. A black hat doesn’t care about the quality of the content you are publishing. Mainly because it pays more attention to the keywords that were being stuffed in there. Black hat isn’t cautious with the relevance of the sites you are getting backlinks with as long as you have the backlinks. In other words, a black hat will spam you the backlinks regardless if they are relevant to your niche or not. With the previous Google, they get fooled with this type of technique, thus, the increase of your rankings. However, some consequences await once Google notices how spammy your backlinks are.

Deems your company untrustworthy

It is the quality of the content that your audience uses to gauge your company’s trustworthiness. However, if you are publishing materials that are of lower quality, irrelevant to your niche, or even duplicated contents, then there is no way would your audience trust you. Remember, confidence is an essential recipe to acquire lasting and loyal customers. If you are going to lose it, they will surely leave you the moment the effect of Black Hat techniques wears off.

Success is short-termed

Good things come to those who wait. And what kind things will happen to those who are too impatient to work hard? That’s correct; there is none. Blackhat SEO is very toxic. It will give you a taste of success without sweating much. Consequently, you will keep using it with the delusion that it will keep you on the top. But little did you know that while your company looks formidable while dominating the top SERPs, Black Hat techniques are causing cracks within your website. And it will go crumbling down when the least you expect it.

Reduces your search engine rankings

You are already considered lucky if this is the only consequence you’ll get for using Black Hat SEO. All the links you acquired using Black Hat techniques are irrelevant and are spammy. Google will be suspicious the moment you received a considerable number of links so fast. They will investigate and check your backlinks flow, and … well, I will leave the rest to your imagination.

It will get your website banned

This is the worst case scenario when using Black Hat technique in SEO. Once your site gets banned, this also means the end of all your hard work. That is if you had exerted one.

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