Best Affiliate Marketing Examples | The Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Samples

Affiliate Marketing Examples

Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Examples

Are You Looking for Affiliate Marketing Examples? Then, you have come to the right page! Let’s look at the six sites below that are very successful in their affiliate marketing campaign.

1. The Wire Cutter (

The Wire Cutter was founded by Brian Lam of Gizmondo in 2011 with the goal of assisting consumers in finding the best item in any consumer category. This large affiliate site is now owned and operated by the New York Times. It is one of the biggest and famous affiliate websites for electronics and consumer goods. The secret to success to this vast site is their straightforward business model. It doesn’t sell products nor accepts sponsored ads. However, they offer product reviews articles with links to buying offers of the said product from affiliate sources like Amazon and BestBuy; which where they get most of their profit.

2. This Is Why I’m Broke (

This Is Why I’m Broke is another famous review site receiving massive traffic from its broad theme. This review site doesn’t let its visitors get bored while browsing the site. The reviews are short but concise. What makes the place very appealing is the “fun factor” they want to inject. If you have visited the website, you probably have noticed that collected almost all the products you could find under the sun and just let the people choose which to buy. Some are even weird and funny but are surprising the things that people want to buy out of their whims. You may have also noticed that they don’t monetize on all their pages. Some of their posts don’t have affiliate links and are just there to information and entertainment to users.

3. Outdoor Gear Lab (

Outdoor Gear Lab was founded in 2010, and since then, this affiliate website has become one of the most reliable platforms for free product reviews. What makes this review site from others is that it has five different pages in different URLs. They also have a unique marketing strategy. Outdoor gear lab doesn’t focus on a single affiliate partner but gives their customers the choice to choose from about six retailers. They are also very careful in using their affiliate links and putting ads. They don’t exploit it and keeps the website clean by having a limited amount of ads on the sidebar. Instead, they pay more attention to providing informative content thus improving user experience and expanding its community.

4. Popular Mechanics (

All the geeks and tech-savvy are probably aware of the brand Popular Mechanics. The Popular Mechanics is designed towards mainstream consumption and caters to anything that has to do with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Aside from being an affiliate partner of Amazon, they also have products from Huckberry eCommerce which is also owned and operated by them. The good thing about Popular Mechanics is that they provide blogs that are very informative, and consequentially grabs the attention of consumers to purchase the product.

5. Smart Passive Income (

Smart Passive Income is a blog and an online business site. Pat Flynn is one of the first main bloggers of the Smart Passive Income and now, Pat has numerous revenue sources — from his own products to advertising and promoting other people’s products. You see, if you have been following Pat’s journey in the online world, you couldn’t help wishing to be like him. Pat’s strategy is “to be everywhere” and that has been very effective in expanding his community and gaining their trust.

6. BestVPN (

Everyone who uses the internet probably knows who or what BestVPN is. Yes, that’s how established and trustworthy they are.  The BestVPN provides informative articles and videos about VPN, its uses, tips, and many more. They monetization strategy focuses on taking the sponsored link on their top 10 VPNs page, having banner ads on their articles, as well as using affiliate links in reviewing VPNs. They also do not use AdSense and controls their own advertising. The prices of the VPNs aren’t listed so there is really no specific figure of how much revenue they get. But knowing how popular BestVPN is today, surely they are earning well.

The affiliate websites mentioned above have different monetization strategies in earning revenues. There are also other websites out there that are also successful in their affiliate marketing endeavor. Check out the strategies from these successful websites and learn from them. It wouldn’t hurt to try and apply the strategies that you think are most suited to your website.

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