7 Social Media Trends That You Should Adopt

7 Social Media Trends That You Should Adopt

Social media is continually evolving and comes back with new features that keep marketers intrigued and
interested. Gone are the days when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are
only for photo and status sharing. It becomes more and more critical for businesses as well.

Whether you own a startup business or have a business with multiple locations and you haven’t
incorporated social media in your online marketing strategies, then now is the time to make a move
with the seven must-adapt social media trends below.

1. Video content

Video streaming is undeniably prevalent nowadays. And a smart marketer won’t waste time
and will use this trend right away to benefit his company. According to statistics, every day,
more than 500 million hours of YouTube videos are being watched while a video posted on
Facebook gets about 135% more organic reach compared to the then-popular Facebook photo.
Videos can be live or pre-produced, whatever clicks the preferences of your community.

2. Chatbots

Who isn’t familiar with Facebook Messenger? NO ONE. Facebook said that there are about 400
million people who use voice and video calling on Messenger every month while there are 1.2
Billion active users on WhatsApp. Right now, chatbots are relevant to audiences, so you got to
include this in your marketing strategy. Know the social media messaging apps they frequently
spend time in, then start creating content that fits well with it.

3. Personalization of content

Another social media trend that you need to adapt is content personalization. Nobody would
pay attention to content that isn’t relevant to them. So feel the pulse of your audience, know
what piques their interest, and then produce content that would suit their preferences. You
don’t have to create content for every audience, instead, craft something that speaks to them
as a whole.

4. Social groups

In unity, there is strength — this is what social media groups are teaching us. The birth of social media groups in
social media platforms allows people to connect with other people of the same
taste. It also offers businesses the opportunity to locate the audiences that they are

targeting efficiently. Make use of social media groups to develop your voice and let it be heard in your
group of audience. You can gauge how successful your strategy is with the number of
engagements your audiences made.

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5. Instagram stories

Instagram stories had reached 300 million active users daily all over the globe as of October last
year. This Instagram success was noticed by Facebook, which prompts them to create their
version of Stories. The growing number of social media users engaging in Stories encourages
businesses to plan out how they can join the bandwagon. Especially now that Instagram has
added an option to make your Stories lasts for more than 214 with Archives and Highlights. The
trick here is to create a short yet fun and engaging content that will serve as your voice to your

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6. Social Ads

Who says you cannot use ads to your video and mobile contents? If you do not incorporate ads to your social media marketing strategy, then you will not thrive in this steep
competition. You don’t need to have a large budget to succeed. You have to learn the right
conversion path and how to profit from it; then you’re good to go.

7. Mobile apps

If you want to reach out to your audience, connect with them on the device which they
commonly use— mobile phones. Accessing the internet and searching for something is now
made more accessible. You can find Wi-Fi and 4g are found in almost all corners of the globe, and most of
the internet usage is from mobile devices. So hop on this trend and get to know what directions
your targeted audience is following. And make sure that your company is also mobile friendly.