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Nine Best Video Hosting Sites For All Your Video Hosting Needs

Best Video Hosting Sites For All Your Video Needs

Video has grown into one of the leading marketing and education tools of the past few years. Still, with the pandemic, it has become even more essential for businesses shifting to remote work. In this video, we’re going to help you find the best video hosting site for you. But before we dive in, make sure you subscribe to our emails so you can stay on top of the freelance and entrepreneurial world video hosting sites.

Provide a place for you to store playback and edit your videos on the Internet. Every video hosting service comes with a unique collection of features like faster loading speeds or editing and conversion tools.

So let’s take a look at our number one.


I don’t need to explain YouTube to you. You’re watching me on it right now, but it is the second-largest search engine in the world. There are plenty of pros to using this platform. And one big on YouTube is the largest video hosting platform in the world. And you’ll get free video hosting, an opportunity to earn money for your videos through paid ads using ad sense. You’ll also find a robust video search engine that makes it easy for strangers to discover your content organically.

You’ll get unlimited storage, can easily embed YouTube videos on your site, and it will be straightforward for users to subscribe to your channel. But here’s that one big reason I mentioned. YouTube recommends other videos, a.k.a. competitors during their pause screen, which can drive traffic away from your website or channel.


Swarmify starts at forty-nine dollars per month, but there were many good reasons why the price may be worth it. First off,
it boasts remarkable video load speeds with real-time YouTube vs Swarmify speed comparisons on their site.  Just watch the infamous YouTube loading circle turn while Swarmify plays as soon as you click the button. Plus, while sites like YouTube promote other people’s content after each video, possibly driving people away from your site, Swarmify does not.

You no longer have to worry about customers being lured away from your site by silly cat videos. In addition to the fast load speeds, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth encoding and storage with distraction-free layouts that have no outside branding. Throw in advance analytics and automated Vimeo or YouTube conversions, and it’s definitely something you might want to consider. The biggest downside here is that without a deal, it’s pretty expensive for small businesses.


This platform helps viewers stay engaged with your video content by offering features like a customizable white label video player. They are built-in tools like heat maps to help you grow a following and regularly engage your audience with TV-quality video experiences. It’s both a platform builder and a video hosting website.

Check out Wistia here.

If you want to put some of your video content behind a digital gate for Legian, you can configure videos that viewers can only access your content by giving you their email first. It’s like a video lead magnet to grow your email list. Paid plans start at ninety-nine dollars a month, making it pretty expensive for smaller teams.


Number four is Vimeo. Vimeo is one of the most popular video hosting sites globally, but it’s also a video editor. Most of us are familiar with the freemium version.

Well, it has paid plans starting at just seven dollars a month. You can use their video maker platform to start editing from scratch or choose from many of their templates, where you can add copy images in effects for a more professional-looking video. But if you’re not into video editing, Vimeo connects you with an on-demand freelance video work force. If you want someone to take your content to the next level, you can hire talent without ever leaving the site.

Plus, it is team collaboration, features of video marketing, tool suite, and Advanced Analytics and reporting. The downside is that most of these business features are not available in the free plan.

Sprout Video.

Our number five on this list is Sprout Video, a video hosting platform built for businesses starting at twenty-four ninety-nine per month. It is a ton of features that help companies market their services while staying secure. The platform also includes templates to let you build video first websites. So instead of static images in your header, you can welcome website visitors via video. To top it off, the video offers robust security with password protection. Single sign-on in login protection.

There’s a video marketing suite, the ability to create custom video playlists and players in responsive, mobile-friendly layouts. The downside here is that with all of the possibilities, there can be a steep learning curve.


And here’s number six, Brightcove, which helps you build your own streaming service starting at ninety-nine dollars a month. If you want live streaming, fast load speeds in a suite of video marketing tools, Brightcove could be your pick. Its advertising options give you the ability to build a monetization strategy with your videos, and it integrates with many popular marketing platforms like HubSpot in Marketo.

It’s also compatible with popular systems like WordPress and Drupal. Downsides consider are the search feature functionality and inflexible reporting.


Number seven, Dailymotion. Dailymotion, like YouTube, is a video search engine in entertainment sites where viewers can watch video after recommended video. Unlike the other platforms, Dailymotion has the appearance and feel of a news site instead of articles.

Displays a collection of today’s biggest video stories, including the news, most popular videos in sports in terms of features, Dailymotion offers live Stream On-Demand video and standard video hosting. The downside is that the site feels a little clunkier and slower than YouTube.


Cincopa is a robust image video, podcast, and media hosting platform that lets you manage your digital assets with ease. With a freemium version and a paid version starting at nine dollars and ninety-nine cents per month.

You can choose from slick video player designs, navigate a user-friendly interface and create video channels. In just a few clicks, you can add annotations, and Setas use your own branding and organize your videos into chapters in forms. Plus, with advanced analytics insights and heat maps, you’ll know exactly who is watching your videos, when, and where. The only downside is that file storage limits might be an issue depending on how much media you have.


Vdocipher lets EdTech and media sites play videos on their platform most securely and smoothly.

Pricing is based on bandwidth and storage requirements. It starts from one hundred and forty-nine dollars per year. With a combination of Hollywood standard encryption viewer specific watermarking and licensing technologies. You can be sure that your videos won’t be downloaded or shared illegally from a video platform. Platform owners can use video cipher on their own website or app. The complete package offering includes global Amazon AWS and server hosting smart video player analytics, dashboard, WordPress, plugin, and APIs to manage videos.

The downside, like with many of these platforms, is cost. Finding the right video hosting tool is an immediate, big decision that will make future decisions much easier. So make sure you’re making the right decision for the right reason. Until next time, make sure you subscribe to our email list so you can tune in for other content like this one so you can step up your business game.

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