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Eight Emailing Marketing Tips For 2020

Eight Emailing Marketing Tips For 2020

Hey, Shane Perry, here, and in today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you eight email marketing tips for 2020. Here is a quick bullet point list of email marketing tips we’ll be talking about:

  1. Don’t be spammy
  2. Think about benefits
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Use stories
  5. Keep your list clean
  6. Always warm up your list
  7. Be GDPR Compliant
  8. Your Workflow

We know email marketing is not dead, and if used correctly, it can provide a significant source of revenue and leads.

So let’s get on to tip number one.

Don’t Be Spammy

Stop sending spammy emails that people don’t want to receive. Stop sending monthly company newsletters that people don’t want to get, that people ignore that they just kind of sit there.

Your open rate’s going to drop. That’s going to affect you. Stop trying to send out these pretty templated emails where you fill in the different boxes every month. Again, people do not want to receive these, and also, a lot of the time, people won’t even accept them because platforms like Google & their spambots will just filter them out and put them in the promotional part of your email, and they will not receive them.

Take a look at google’s spam filter in G-suit.

Think About Benefits

Tip number two, with every email you send, think what the benefit to the person receiving this email is? There needs to be a benefit, a use.

What is the reason that you’re sending someone that email? And it cannot be just to sell someone something. It needs to be linked to a benefit so that people get used to when they receive emails from you; they should open them because there’s always something good inside for them.

Keep It Simple

Tip number three. Keep it simple, stupid. Remember KISS. Every time you send an email, keep it simple, stupid. You want to be sending out simple emails. Don’t over complicate them, don’t fill them with loads of imagery. Don’t fill them with lots and lots of scrolling to get to the bottom where the benefit is. Keep it simple, really to the point. Lead with the value, pull people through, offer them something. If you want to sell to them, that’s fine, but you need to find a way that there is a benefit for them and keep it simple. Don’t dance around the house because people don’t want to read an essay.

Use Stories

Tip number four, use stories. People love a good story. It’s the reason things like “EastEnders” and the “Kardashians” are still going. These reality shows are all based around stories, and people want to know what happens. They get sucked into them, feel like they know these characters, and feel invested in the show.

If you’re looking to create engaging stories through social media connect with us here.

You want them to feel like that with your brand. If you can tie your offerings and what you’re trying to get across to people into the form of stories, you will find that you pull people into it more. It helps you build more rapport, build more trust, people will feel like they kind of know you more, and they’ll be looking out for your next email. They’ll be wanting to get your following email to find out what the next thing that’s happening in the story is. So if you can find a way to link your email communications to accounts, you win.

Keep Your List Clean

Tip number five: keep your list clean. List hygiene is critical. Suppose you are sending out emails to a load of out-of-date email addresses where they bounce, where your open rate’s terrible, the email sender monitors all of this. If your list hygiene is awful, they will stop sending as many of your emails out. It will affect your deliverability rate.

Every month make sure you’re looking at your list. Look at who’s been unsubscribing. What emails did you send? What can you learn from that? Look at who’s not opening those emails anymore. Have they not opened quite a few of them? If so, you need to send them through like a warm-up sequence. Whereas if they don’t reengage, you take them off the list. If you have got any hard bounces, you need to make sure you take those off your list.

Your goal is to try and get all of your emails being delivered, and when they are given, you want the majority of people to open those emails. Now, you’re not going to get people to open them every time because stuff comes up, but you want the majority of people on your list to open your email. If they’re not, then something’s wrong with your emails.

Always Warm Your List Up

Tip number six, always warm your list up. Build trust. This will massively help. When you bring people into your list, instead of bombarding them regularly with a load of random stuff, you need to take them through like an onboarding sequence.

Explain to people what content are they going to get from you? How often? What should they expect? Why should they be looking out for and opening it? You want to condition people from the very start that they don’t want to miss an email because if they do, they are going to kind of miss out on the story. Or they’re going to miss out on the latest deals or offers or whatever it is, the benefit but make sure that you warm your list up properly. Whereas if you’ve not emailed your list for quite a while, you need to kind of warm it up slowly. Take sections of that list to send to.

Don’t just start running it and trying to send it out to 80,000 people because if you get a load of hard bounces, unsubscribes, it’s going to send the wrong metrics to your email service provider, and you’re going to end up in problems. So don’t do that. Make sure you warm your list up slowly. So before we get onto the next point, I’d love to know are you currently using email automation in your business? Hit yes or no in the comments below.

Let me know and let’s get on with the next point.

Be GDPR Compliant

Tip number seven, do not forget about GDPR. Yeah, if you’re in the EU, and you’re sending emails, you need to make sure you’re following the rules. If people sign up for your email list, they need to correctly tick a box to say that they want to receive email communications from you. You can’t have it pre-ticked, you can’t just take your email list and go yeah, I’m just going to sign them up to it, you can’t do that.

There’s fines, penalties, a whole host of bad stuff. Don’t do it, just make sure you’re communicating the value of somebody opting into that list. Just stress the point, they can sign out at an end. They can opt-out of any future emails. That you don’t spam, you don’t rent their lists or sell their data. Just be upfront and clear. Lead with value, and people will opt-in if the amount is significant enough for them to give you their email address and opt in to your list to say yes, you can email me. Whereas if you’re just saying we’re going to kind of send you the odd email here and there, there’s no real value statement. People just won’t tick the box.

Your Workflow

Okay, number eight. Your workflow. You should be using something like Klaviyo, something that enables you to set up email workflows.

Instead of having to go in every time, build out a new email and hit Send, you’ve already built it out. You’re continually building out emails in an ever-ongoing sequence so that when people opt into your email list, they go into whatever flow you’ve set up. They’re able just to go through at a frequency that you set out, and they’re automatically receiving emails based on whatever way you’ve set your email flow up.

If you haven’t done that, you need to look at email automation. You also need to be setting up streams so that you’re doing the work once, and it’s able just to go off. People can kind of segment themselves on autopilot, receive email communications automatically. It’s the future of email. You do not want to be just sat there having to hit send every day or every week or every month. Definitely look at email automation.

So those are my email tips for 2020. I’d love to know how many of those you’re currently using or what you’re going to try. Again, let me know in the comments below if you’re now using email automation or not with a yes or a no. If you’ve liked this blog post, make sure you hit the share it with your friends, and if you’re new and you want content like this, then consider subscribing. I’ll see you in the next blog post.

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